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BeaRRing - Black Size 11

Stainless steel ring with subtle, yet sharp points for instant self defense.

Model#: AP-GDBR-B11   |   SKU#: 857107006387

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Guard Dog

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Product Specification

Powerful, convenient wearable protection is here in the Guard Dog Security BearRing self defense ring. This low-profile ring slips on to your finger allowing you to wear it on a daily basis, whether casually, dressing up or when you’re out for a run or jog for protection when you need it most, yet expect it the least. This attractive stainless steel ring with subtle, yet sharp points provides instant self defense with pressure points powerful enough to shatter glass and impact 60 times more than bare knuckles.

  Description Details
  60 times more impact than bare knuckles Withstand daily wear and the most instense of use
  Pressure points powerful enough to shatter glass
  Polished color finish on a durable build

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  • AP-GDBR-B11
  • 857107006387
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