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self defense, security and sporting good products

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Why Choose Skyline USA Inc.?


Live Customer Service Support Team

Questions? Call us!
Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm EST and we will speak to you immediately.
No waiting, no machines, just humans.


Affordable and Negotiable Pricing

We are in business because our customers are. We understand your needs and what it takes for you to be profitable and successful, and we will work with you to accomplish your goals.



Guard Dog's Lifetime Warranty is like none other, we say it with complete confidence. The best, most streamlined warranty process in the industry,
and we work until you and your customers are satisfied.


New Exciting
Innovative Products

Others imitate, we innovate. With over 10 patents and several others pending,
we are constantly designing, developing and creating new products that evolve the industry. If you want new, exciting concepts, you found them here. 



We understand your business

Online Marketing/Sale Support

Our customer service professionals are trained and equipped to help guide you through your online marketing goals. Whether it's recommending a new avenue, or creating custom-made content for you, we are ready to provide you insight and advice that can assist you in propelling your business to the next level. Whatever the result, our trained professionals can help with layout, design and development.





Rich Web Ready Content

We understand you have a lot on your plate, so we have all product content ready to go. From web-ready images to content and shipping details, we're ready to get you started with ease and speed.


Professional Imagery

We strive to make our products look their best.






Customized Online Banners

Our design team will create customized online banners for your website that are proven to boost sales and increase exposure. As a customer of Skyline USA, this service is complimentary. 



Attractive and effective point of sale displays

Our attractive point of sale displays make displaying our products easy and effective. Whatever your space requirements and restrictions, we have an option for you. These displays are proven to increase sales, all while keeping your current product assortment unchanged.






Experienced Sales Representatives


Each representative undergoes extensive training to be prepared for all of our customer needs. This training is further supplemented with face-to-face contact and experience through multiple customer scenarios. We are ready to earn your business and confidence with integrity and top-notch customer service.

Customized Banners

Whether online or store front, we will design customized banners for your company to help you assist in product sale and promotion. We will even print the banners for your store or design the banners specifically in the size you need for your online store.



New, quick and easy profit calculator

Figure out how much profit you will make on each of our items and at certain price breaks by simply changing quantities. It's a fast, easy and useful tool designed to put sales and profits in to perspective.

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